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Client Sailing races operator

Location San Francisco, USA

Sectors Events


Troubled water

The Aggreko Remote Operations Center (ROC) was alerted that an Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) equipped generator was running low on fuel.

The generator was powering a fan used for a 60,000-gallon inflatable pool - an attraction where visitors can race remote-controlled boats. Without electricity, the pool would deflate causing water to rush into shops surrounding the attraction. This would have resulted in damage to those stores and loss of revenue.


60,000 gallons

The fan kept a large pool inflated

60 kW to 125 kW

The electricity usage jumped


Technical and delivery support

The Generator load had increased from 60kW to 125kW throughout the day, increasing the fuel consumption, and because of that, the scheduled fuel drop would be too late. Aggreko educated the customer on fuel consumption and load data, as well as providing immediate technical support and an emergency fuel delivery.


A team of experts by your side


Plain sailing

The customer experienced no downtime or other inconvenience, and no hazards were created from water spillage. In addition to this, the customer was able to schedule more frequent fuel drops based on the data provided.

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