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Overheating and evacuations at island resort

People flock from all around the world to bask in Nassau’s tropical climate. But, after a long day relaxing on a hot beach, the last thing guests want is to return to an even hotter room. So when this luxury resort’s HVAC system sputtered, it was no wonder forced evacuation outraged every guest. And with 90% occupancy booked — and unplanned downtime on the horizon — revenues took as much of a hit as reputation. Their head engineer was on the lookout for a fast, effective cooling solution. So they reached out to Aggreko to turn down the temperature.


95° F

heat in the resort

400 ton

chiller provided


Temporary chillers bring back cool air

The resort needed a temporary solution that could completely replace their cooling system during months of HVAC repairs. And every minute mattered in an industry limited by slim margins and strong seasonality.

Their solution had to be quick to design, easy to implement, and short on downtime. Our team engineered a simple-yet-effective solution paying equal attention to continuity and cooling.

Our 400-ton chiller allowed the resort to cool the property consistently. Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) allowed 24/7 oversight on continuity, performance, and efficiency. Aggreko solution was up and running within 24 hours.


Customers welcomed back to cool conditions

With Aggreko’s expertise, the resort received a comprehensive solution set up by on-site technicians and managed at all times by a remote team. This enabled them to restore their HVAC system with minimal disruption to their operations — or their peace of mind.

The resort was able to reopen within a week, giving them plenty of time to recoup revenue losses from the forced evacuation, repair their reputation and once again reap the rewards of the capital city’s booming tourism industry.

By working with Aggreko, this resort was able to get back to market quickly, minimizing the damage done by their HVAC problems, and setting themselves up for sustained success in future seasons.

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