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Rightsizing temporary power to maintain production during a utility upgrade

Rightsized temporary power to maintain production during a utility upgrade

Client: Bourbon Distillery

Location: Kentucky, USA

Sectors: Food and Beverage

The Challenge

Seamless temporary power during a utility upgrade

The customer, a bourbon distillery, was faced with a power outage for one week while its utility provider carried out a substation upgrade. This is a large distillery with 300 employees and numerous buildings spread across a wide area.

With no power for the duration of the substation upgrade, production would have to be halted completely, causing significant financial losses. To avoid this, the customer asked Aggreko to provide reliable, temporary power that would allow them to continue production at normal rates.

They were initially looking at renting a large number of generators to fulfill all their power needs, but this would have come at a considerable cost. Aggreko was able to find a way to consolidate the equipment required to reduce the overall spend.

Key Facts

Temporary power solution due to utility upgrade 1 week
Diesel generator power 2MW
Saved on rental, freight, labor, and fuel costs $100,000

The Solution

Rightsized temporary power with full on-site support

After assessing all the requirements of the site, our expert engineers designed and installed a cost-effective power plan that would ensure normal operations throughout the upgrade period.

We installed two 1MW generators along with all the necessary transformers and distribution equipment to provide a total of 2MW of power. Our detailed analysis of the power requirements allowed us to rightsize the solution so that continual operation could be guaranteed without providing too much equipment. This ensured there were no wasted resources or overburdened equipment and that maintenance costs were kept to a minimum.

Two engineers were sent to site, working closely with the utility company to install the equipment and set it up for a seamless power switchover. We then had one engineer remain on site for the duration of the upgrade to ensure smooth operation.

The Impact

Uninterrupted power, maximized bourbon production, and significant cost savings

By installing our generators and associated equipment, we helped the distillery continue production without any interruption. Our power solution kept the facility running at 100% capacity ensuring that profitability was not affected.

Most importantly, our expertise and leading technology meant that there were no outages of the temporary power system, so the facility could continue operating without noticing any difference. Our rightsized solution optimized resources, minimized operational costs, reduced emissions, and improved overall efficiency.

By reducing the number of generators required we were able to reduce the amount of engineering time as well as the spend on freight and fuel. In total, we saved the customer approximately $100,000 compared to solutions they had previously been considering which used significantly more equipment.