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Power solutions for nuclear submarine overhaul

Providing optimized, engineered power solutions for USS Hartford, nuclear submarine overhaul

Client: Defense Contractor – General Dynamics Electric Boat

Location: GDEB Graving Dock - Groton, CT

Sectors: Government

The Challenge

Cost and limited space

Aggreko was contacted by General Dynamics Electric Boat to help power the overhaul of a US nuclear submarine, the USS Hartford. After an initial consultation, we knew that their request to use traditional diesel generators would be an inefficient and expensive solution. The high demand on the existing infrastructure in the US shipyard was putting pressure on their facilities. There was simply no room to fit the number of generators needed for the job.

Key Facts

Dollars in fuel and rental savings $5.5 m
Speciality transformers used to help power the project 2,500 V
Power solutions for nuclear submarine overhaul

The Solution

Aggreko technical expertise

Rather than choosing a diesel solution that would’ve cost them millions in fuel costs, we proposed and engineered a solution that involved stepping-down their high-voltage on-site power, whilst reducing emissions and noise at the same time. We installed specialty 2,500 V power transformers to help them get the power they needed to a usable voltage and distributed it around the site.

The Impact

Millions of dollars saved at a General Dynamics Electric Boat shipyard

Due to Aggreko Sales and Engineering’s quick and out-of-the-box thinking, we saved our customer millions on rental and fuel costs. We helped our customers see the full picture and keep their environmental footprint down to a minimum.

  • Expensive rental and fuel costs
  • Lack of space and pressure on existing infrastructure
  • Inefficient diesel generators
  • Large diesel generators used to power the project

  • Inexpensive rental and fuel costs
  • Viable solutions for lack of space
  • 2,500 V specialty transformers used to help power the project
  • Leveraged a number of other jobs (5) for this ship with this savings and offerings
  • About $5.5 million dollars in fuel and rental savings
Power solutions for nuclear submarine overhaul