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Ensuring oil-free compressed air during a shutdown

Ensuring oil-free compressed air during a shutdown

Client: Specialty paper manufacturer

Location: Virginia, USA

Sectors: Manufacturing

The Challenge

Preventing air contamination during a scheduled shutdown

A specialty, waterproof, synthetic paper manufacturer needed to perform scheduled maintenance on in-house equipment, but doing so would require the facility to completely shutdown production.

The slightest change to air conditions would ruin the rolling and cutting process — but operations couldn’t pause, or it would result in a significant revenue loss for the customer and not to mention delayed shipment schedule.

The team needed a reliable way to keep pumping oil-free, dry air into the plant without stopping production.

Key Facts

Oil-free compressed air 400 cfm
Technical support 24/7
Target desiccant dryer dewpoint -40┬░f
Ensuring oil-free compressed air during a shutdown

The Solution

A 100% oil-free air compressor and dryer setup

We supplied a combined, trailer-mounted desiccant dryer and 100% oil-free air compressor for a seamless, contaminant-free transition. With an air discharge temperature of only 15° F above ambient temperatures, our tier 4f compressor would be able to perfectly manage air conditions and stay well within the customers specific operating parameters.

The customer expressed their concern about the transition from their equipment to ours since exposure to chemicals could ruin costly materials. Our team worked with them through every detail to ensure the equipment and cabling changeover was swift and painless.


"A rapid and precise solution was what the plant needed to supply contaminant-free dry air, enabling the manufacturer to continue shipping out sheets to users during the shutdown."



The Impact

A smooth switch ensuring no shipment delays

The plant protected its delicate air balance, and was able to keep production running with no concerns or quality damage at all. They completed maintenance on their in-house equipment, and with our expert team by their side every step of the way, they had the reassurance that they needed to continue business as usual. Thanks to our streamlined system, they met all their delivery deadlines, preserving their great reputation for reliability, too.


Ensuring oil-free compressed air during a shutdown