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Full productivity during scheduled shutdown

Full productivity during scheduled shutdown

Client: Plastics Producer

Location: Northeast, USA

Sectors: Manufacturing

The Challenge

Crucial maintenance without taking a hit

This plastics plant has to run around the clock, all year round, to supply its customers in 26 countries, so the slightest holdup can spell disaster. When maintenance time rolled around, this created a dilemma: how to do this without shutting down?

Key Facts

On hand support 3 Techs
Onsite support 54 hours
Generator 1 MW
Full productivity during scheduled shutdown

The Solution

Utilities secured with vital power and cooling

To avoid downtime, we designed, tested and set up a package that let the plant shift to backup facilities with zero interruption to normal manufacturing. This comprised 100 tons of cooling, compressed air, generator power and distribution.

"A rapid and precise solution was what the plant needed to maintain production levels and ensure a safe environment for its workers." 



The Impact

Uninterrupted production throughout shutdown

The maintenance shutdown had no impact on production schedules, ensuring the plant continued to meet all deadlines and had no loss of revenue. This was secured through our seamless service, top-notch equipment, and round-the-clock support.

Full productivity during scheduled shutdown