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Flexible power-on-demand for a remote mine in sub-zero temperatures

Flexible power-on-demand for a remote mine in sub-zero temperatures

Client: Major mining company

Location: Canada

Sectors: Mining

The Challenge

Temporary power for a remote mine in extreme conditions

The customer had a mining site in an extremely remote location with no access to main power. They needed a temporary power solution that would allow them to expand their mining operations while they were building their own long-term power plant.

As well as being a remote mine, there was limited road access making it difficult to transport in heavy equipment, such as generators, and to deliver the diesel to power them.

The site was also in a very cold region, so the customer needed equipment that could work in conditions as low as minus 40°F.

Key Facts

Of flexible power 10 MW - 30 MW
Operating conditions -40 °F
Flexible modular cold mining power delivered by sea

The Solution

Flexible modular cold mining power delivered by sea

We designed a flexible temporary power solution starting with 10MW of power that could be gradually increased as required.

All the equipment was shipped in on boats, including large fuel tanks to ensure there was always enough diesel to keep the site fully powered. We provided all the necessary equipment to generate and distribute power, such as highvoltage transformers and panel distribution.

To ensure the new power solution operated as reliably as possible, we trained company staff to carry out some of the smaller maintenance tasks and sent our technicians to the site every month for one or two weeks to carry out more advanced tasks.

We ensured that there were always spare parts available at the nearest port, so that if anything needed replacing it could be shipped there quickly and replaced without any power interruption.

The Impact

Earlier start to production with flexible and reliable power

The customer was able to start construction much sooner thanks to the fast setup of the temporary power solution. And by renting the equipment from Aggreko, they could get up and running almost immediately rather than waiting for at least six months to purchase generators themselves.

As power requirements were fluctuating across the site during operation, we set up a power-on-demand solution where generators could be either placed on standby or moved to other sections of the mine as needed

This meant the customer always had all the power required but didn’t have to pay excessive fees during periods of lower power consumption.

Regular site visits coupled with the ready availability of spare parts and an established sea route made sure that the equipment was always well maintained and the customer had uninterrupted power to keep their operations on track.

Earlier start to production with flexible and reliable power


  • Delayed production until permanent power plant was built
  • Hard to reach remote site leading to potential reliability and maintenance issues
  • High costs when less power was required


  • Immediate start to construction
  • Established sea route and regular site visits to guarantee reliable operation
  • Flexible and cost-effective power-on-demand
  • Production phase anticipated and prepared for