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Client Aurelia Metals

Location Nymagee, NSW, Australia

Sectors Mining


Powering a developing underground mining operation and the surrounding campsite that's too remote for main power to reach

Due to the isolated location of the mine site, the decision was made to install a standalone power station to supply the mine camp and operations. There was no facility to connect to mains power as the mine was so remote, and mains gas was off-limits too.     


32 c/KWhr

Cost of power

5 MW

Of power


Room camp



A meticulous application of our gas generators to create Aggreko's first ever mining power station using a virtual pipeline of LNG

Working closely with the customer and other suppliers, we created a custom-built power station using our efficient gas driven generators, combined with a unique delivery system.     



Our creative problem solving, extensive experience and expertise deliver unique solutions



A creative answer to a unique challenge leading to a satisfied customer and a one of a kind Australian power station

Remoteness and inaccessibility were no match for the ingenuity of the Aggreko engineering and operations teams. The virtual LNG pipeline we installed has resulted in no loss of power for the mining operations, the mill or the workers encampment. A successful result thanks to hard work and creative problem solving.     


As Australia enters into a period of power shortages, it's comforting to think that we've de-risked the project by partnering with Aggreko.

Jim Simpson CEO ,
Aurelia Metals

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