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Full offshore platform commissioning support

Full offshore platform commissioning support

Client: Multinational Oil and Gas Company

Location: Ingleside, Texas

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Temporary power and cooling for offshore platform commissioning

A new offshore platform had been manufactured in Korea and was then sent to Ingleside, Texas to be commissioned before being deployed in the Gulf of Mexico. The operator required a temporary solution for power and cooling for their equipment and staff during the commissioning project until the platform was ready to be deployed at sea. They had a tight deadline they were working to when the platform had to be operational so it was critical that all the necessary commissioning and testing work was completed on time.

Key Facts

Generator power 1,500 kW
Dehumidifiers 24
Loadbank package 3.25 MV
Onsite with 24/7 support 7 months
Full offshore platform commissioning support

The Solution

Complete package to cover all the requirements of the commissioning project

Aggreko designed and installed a temporary solution to provide all the extra power and cooling required during the commissioning project. This included 24 dehumidifier units for the MCC rooms to minimize humidity around the electronics and a 3.25MV loadbank package for a week-long test of their turbines and generators. As the platform was in a dock area with only 50 feet of water it wasn’t possible to run good lines to test their HVAC system. Instead, the platform had to be towed out to sea where the fresh cleaner water could be used for testing.

Aggreko installed a wet-tow package to support this which consisted of a 1500kw generator, a 2300 gallon external fuel tank, and two 230 ton chillers to keep the living quarters and MCCs cool. The project lasted for 7 months during which time we had engineers onsite with the equipment and 24/7 support in case of any issues.

The Impact

Platform commissioned on time with no need for additional suppliers

The customer was able to complete all the commissioning and testing in time to get the platform into the Gulf of Mexico and operational on schedule. Partnering with Aggreko meant they could take advantage of our wide range of equipment to cater for all their commissioning needs rather than having to bring in separate suppliers for different aspects of the project.

Full offshore platform commissioning support