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Client BC Operating

Location West Texas, USA

Sectors Oil and gas

The challenge

Supplying adequate power to operate submersible pumps

A West Texas oil and gas producer, BC Operating, was operating with limited access to grid power, and as a result more than 16 of its wells were under developing or completely shutting down.

They needed access to temporary power, however neither diesel, LPG, LNG or CNG as a power generations fuel source were economic options. Field gas was available, but it was in the form of hazardous, wet-sour gas, containing more than 200 ppm of H2S. With utility upgrades more than six months away, the operators needed an alternative solution quickly.


Project fact file

10:1 payback

per month

100 %

Production operation

6 months

Wait for utility upgrade

The solution

A safe, scalable design to economically deliver reliable power

In order to determine a better power management strategy, our technical specialists helped engineer a cost-efficient design to clean up the toxic, wet-sour gas and turn it into a fuel source to help power a natural gas generation station.

The temporary station was designed to work in parallel with the utility grid, providing incremental power to supply run operations utilizing 2 – 1 MW natural gas generators.


the aggreko difference

Bringing you and unrivalled expertise to save you money and time

The impact

10:1 cost savings and fully powered site

Our temporary solution generated more than a 10:1 payback! Additionally, our design reduced H2S levels to 0 PPM and powered a fully operational site in less than one week.

With the additional electricity supply, the system allowed eight well conversions from rod pump to electrical submersible pump (ESP). This change increased operational capacity to immediately begin drilling new wells and continue toward 100 percent operation of available production.


“Aggreko was able to manage all of our power requirements, from sourcing the right filter management company to customizing a power solution that helped us improve production over and above our original estimation. We will continue to look to Aggreko for all aspects of our auxiliary power management.”

Jason Wacker Operations Manager ,
BC Operating

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