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Natural Gas Generators Powering a Microgrid

Powering a Microgrid with Aggreko’s Rapid Deployment Natural Gas Generators

Learn how Aggreko's five 1300 kW Rapid Deploy natural gas generators powered an E&P company's location during an equipment upgrade process leading to no downtime or loss in revenue.

The Challenge

A need for efficient and effective modular units

An E&P company needed to upgrade their equipment setup for their oil and gas wells in Martin County, Texas.

The utility power in the area didn’t have the capacity to reliably power the site. And even when the power is running, there wasn’t enough going through the grid to power the entire facility.

As a long-standing partner of Aggreko, having worked with us on a large project back in 2019, they knew exactly who to turn to.

The site had a large power requirement, with the client needing power for 12 electrical submersible pumps (ESPs), auxiliary power for the central tank battery, and general day-to-day power for the facility.

As experts in the field, Aggreko knew that a complete distribution turnkey setup was required.

Key Facts

1300 Rapid Deploy Power Generators 5
Gas powered 100%
Installation time 14 days

Client: Oil & Gas Producer

Location: Martin County, Texas

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Solution

Rapid deployment of our natural gas generators

Our expert engineers identified a need for a modular option that would be able to power the oil and gas wells whilst also cutting down on upfront commissioning costs.

Our solution was to provide five 1300 Rapid Deploy units. We supplied the generators, the transformers, and the high-voltage switchgear as part of this large, complex project.

We knew that with our 1300 Rapid Deploy natural gas generators being designed to allow the client to hit the ground running without the need for complex deployment or cranes, this solution would be the best fit. We were able to have everything ready to go from the point of delivery to powering up the site in just 14 days.

The Impact

A fully powered grid and big savings in terms of crane and freight charges

Aggreko’s rapid deployment modular units allowed the client to cut crane and freight costs significantly, with the setup requiring just one truck per generator – as opposed to the traditional units which required two trucks per unit.

The power supplied by the natural gas generators allowed the client to power their entire operation, with no risk of a lack of power that would lead to production being either reduced or stopped completely.

Aggreko has already put plans in place for an optional sixth generator if the load ever increases beyond the capacity of the original five generators – so the client is prepared both now and for the future.


An outdated power setup

Utility power that couldn’t fulfill the site’s requirements

The power supply was unreliable


A fully modular, turnkey solution

Five new generators with the option in place for a sixth

Significantly reduced crane and freight costs