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Powering up an inland barge

Powering up an inland barge

Client: Oil and gas company

Location: Morgan City, Louisiana

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Powering an inland marsh barge

Offshore rigs and barges can be home to a more than challenging environment. With the level of stringent safety requirements and lifting needs on rigs like these, only the best of the best equipment will do. When the oil and gas company came to Aggreko needing help to power an inland marsh gas processing barge, we knew the scale of what was needed was going to be big.

They needed a set of generators to power their pumps and compressors during the booster periods, when their main power source was out of action. Without the help of Aggreko, they would lose their ability to distribute their gas to customers. Luckily, our expert technicians and engineers had the perfect solution.

Key Facts

Fuel savings compared to diesel 60 %
Service intervals 2000 hours
Of the environmental impact 10 %
Powering up an inland barge

The Solution

Saving fuel with reliable natural gas engines

Aggreko has had a long-standing relationship of over a decade with this customer. So when they had an urgent need for power solutions, they knew we had the expertise and experience needed to get the job done. We came up with the solution of providing a DNV-certified container, some of the most reliable gas engines on the market, and a whole lot of expert knowledge. Pairing these engines with our expertise in operating offshore and intricate knowledge of complex electrical requirements, we knew that we could get the job done.


The Impact

Years of support from our expert technicians

Thanks to the outstanding service and impeccable uptime provided, Aggreko has now been supporting the customer’s rig for over two years. With our help, the customer has now seen incredible fuel savings, a lessened environmental impact, and over four times the service interval gap – meaning massive savings in offshore technician callouts. That’s why when you think about gas supply, you think about Aggreko.


Powering up an inland barge