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Providing power for remote sand mines

Providing power for remote sand mines

Client: Regional sand provider

Location: Midland, TX, USA

Sectors: Oil and Gas

The Challenge

Fast-track sand mining ahead of grid connections

A Permian Basin sand supplier faced an 11-month wait for permanent grid utilities to reach their two new state-of-the-art mines. As local demand increased, and other sand suppliers neared completion on their builds, they knew they needed to reduce this delay and begin production ahead of schedule.

Additionally, pipeline gas was also not yet available, so they would require a reliable fuel source that wouldn’t break the bank. To make sure their plans for growth stayed on schedule they began their search for a partner they could count on.

Key Facts

Wait for utilities 11 month
Of power 28 MW
Remote monitoring 24/7
Providing power for remote sand mines

The Solution

Bringing production online with economic benefits from natural gas generators

We provided 14 MW of natural gas generated power at each site, a total of 28 MW, including the necessary distribution equipment for each location. We supplied compressed natural gas (CNG) for two weeks until pipeline gas was available. At that time we made a seamless switch. Our 24/7 remote monitoring and dedicated technicians ensured that the sites maintained production with no issues.


“Aggreko has been the only contractor who has done what they said they would do, by when they said they would do it and met our timelines for production.”



The Impact

Full production ahead of schedule and under budget

Our engineered power system and equipment ensured rapid start-up almost a year ahead of schedule, and 40 percent cheaper overall than diesel generators. Gas-based temporary power and distribution allows sand suppliers to cost-effectively scale up and meet surging demand.


Providing power for remote sand mines