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Tilt-shifted photograph of a large oil refinery or chemical plant complex at dusk

On-demand air returns plant to operations

Client: Large Gulf Coast Olefins Plant

Location: Port Neches, TX USA

Sectors: Petrochemical and refining

The Challenge

Unit needed to be dried post-turn around for start up and production

When you’re running a plant, a turnaround is often a major setback for schedules and profitability. If one unit has to shut down, it can create a domino effect with the rest of the supporting equipment – which in turns affects delivery. When a large Gulf Coast petrochemicals plant came up against this exact problem with their ethylene unit, they asked us find a way to get them back up and running. Our Aggreko Turnaround Services team had just the right experience to get this done.

Key Facts

Reduced schedule 12 days
Additional days of production 11 days
Oil Free Air Compressor (OFA) and desiccant air dryer,  service training, Moerdijk, Netherlands

The Solution

A turn-key system designed to get things moving

Most, if not all, Olefins units require dry-outs when piping and vessels are opened for maintenance or TAR work. Nitrogen is the predominant, but not optimal, solution to this need; however, there are several issues in using nitrogen. Air is a more optimal solution. OFA must be used vs. IQ air because of potential damage to downstream equipment, sometimes including Desiccant dryers, plate and frame HXs and Cold Boxes, the instruments and piping cannot have any traces of oil once process is reintroduced.

The Impact

A return to normal operations

The design, install and management of a complete turn-key solution to dry-out unit was delivered in a quicker timeframe with fewer issues and lower cost. As a result, not only was our client able to reduce the timeline of the turnaround, but they also saw a resumption of production quicker than expected. In total, they were able to gain 11 days of additional production.

On-demand air returns a Large Gulf Coast Olefins Plant to operations