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Power, temperature control, and compressed air for an effective, low-emission turnaround using Tier 4 Final

Client: A multinational chemical company

Location: Illinois, USA

Sectors: Petrochemical and refining

The Challenge

Reliable, cost-effective power, temperature control, and oil-free compressed air

Our customer, a major multinational chemical company, needed safe, reliable, and cost-efficient equipment during a planned turnaround – namely, generators to provide power to all the contractors on-site, and a complete oil-free air solution for their dry out. Getting the best equipment was crucial for ensuring a successful, on-schedule completion of maintenance.

The turnaround had to be completed within 60 days and it was vital for all the equipment to be correctly sized, guaranteeing uninterrupted power while being as cost-effective as possible. They also had a requirement for oil-free air and wanted a partner who could fully understand the application of all the equipment and how vital it is to their production processes.

Key Facts

Of power generation 14.2 MW
Of oil-free compressed air 20,800 CFM
Of cooling 270 tons

The Solution

Effective turnaround management with low-emission, cutting-edge equipment and dedicated project management

Using their experience gained from working on vast numbers of turnarounds, Aggreko’s expert consultants designed a complete, innovative solution that met all the customer’s requirements. Working together with the plant’s electrical engineers, they developed a power plan that used our Tier 4 Final generators to support substation maintenance and planned outages, as well as power and distribution for critical heat treatment applications. 100% oil-free dry air was supplied to the flare, olefins, instrumentation, and nitrogen booster. Air conditioning packages were installed in tents and facilities to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for staff.

In total, we provided 14.2 MW of power, 270 tons of temporary cooling, and 28,000 CFM of oil-free compressed air. Since there was a large amount of equipment being moved around at different times, we assigned a dedicated project manager to ensure that the operation was as smooth as possible. This meant that all equipment was always in the right place at the right time. The customer had just one point of contact for turnaround management, which made it easy to flag and resolve queries quickly. As the final touch, 24/7 remote monitoring ensured the equipment was always running at optimal performance.

The Impact

Reduced costs and emissions, and a successful turnaround

By right-sizing the solution we were able to use fewer generators than the customer had needed for previous turnarounds. This meant that they had all the power and equipment they needed, but at a reduced cost and with less maintenance required throughout the project. Thanks to the use of our Tier 4 Final generators, the setup also created 95% fewer emissions than older-style generators.

The dedicated project manager ensured an efficient and painless turnaround, with a 98.3% success rate for on-time deliveries – just 6 of 337 items were delivered later than scheduled, and those were corrected soon after to minimize any impact. We provided regular cost reports throughout the turnaround so the customer could see exactly where their budget was being used. Thanks to our comprehensive planning and dedicated support, we delivered exactly what the customer needed: a smooth, efficient turnaround, completed right on time.

Low emission turnaround using tier 4 final



  • High emission generators
  • Oversized generators
  • Potential delays caused by large amounts of equipment being moved around site and configured


  • Low emission generators
  • Dedicated project management to ensure smooth configuration
  • Right-sized generators based on specialized expertise working turnarounds and Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring data