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Dehumidification Solution for Medical Device Plant

Dehumidification Solution for Medical Device Plant

Client: Global Medical Device Manufacturer

Location: Northeast USA

Sectors: Pharmaceuticals

The Challenge

Overcome seasonal production quality issues

This medical device manufacturer produces thousands of strands of medical monofilament, an essential medical product that requires strict quality control. Their process engineers had identified an increase in product failure rate during the day and in peak summer conditions. This was linked to rising humidity preventing the monofilament from cooling and drying sufficiently before packaging.

The engineers determined that the ideal manufacturing conditions would be a 37.5°F dew point with 29.84% relative humidity in the threading and packaging rooms. A permanent solution would take over 2 years to design, engineer, and commission, but the plant needed something much faster so they could fill large orders that were critical to the healthcare supply chain.

Key Facts

Dehumidifier 10,000 cfm
Pre/post-cooling air handlers 2 x 50 ton
Electric oil-free compressors 2 x 800 cfm
Runtime 100%
Desiccant dryers 2 x 930 cfm
Dehumidification Solution for Medical Device Plant

The Solution

Dehumidification, cooling, and oil-free compression

Aggreko’s process engineers and temperature control specialists worked together to design a system with enough static pressure and volume to reach the 3rd-floor production area. We installed a desiccant dehumidifier, along with pre and post-cooling air handlers fed by the plant’s main chilled water loop. We also installed 100% oil-free compressors with dryers while permanent units were upgraded. The project was 100% treated outside air to meet the chemical zone regulations set by the state.

The Impact

No downtime and increased production

The solution ran autonomously 24/7 throughout the summer, not only eliminating failures but increasing production yield thanks to faster cool-down rates. This allowed the plant to continue to meet the demands for medical monofilament critical to the healthcare industry. The additional compressors and dryers allowed the plant to upgrade existing equipment without reducing production, protecting profits while improving systems for the future.

Dehumidification Solution for Medical Device Plant