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Smooth sailing with ARM: Staying steady

Smooth sailing with ARM: Staying steady

Client: A cargo shipping company

Location: USA

Sectors: Shipping

The Challenge

A cargo ship under pressure

The Aggreko Remote Operations Center (ROC) was alerted to a fuel delivery issue aboard a cargo ship. The issue was on a 1500kW ARM equipped generator. The unit was paralleled with the ship’s generator. This provided power to the ship’s propulsion system, refrigerated containers and all other critical applications. This meant that an outage would mean a major loss of the containerized product and ship functionality.

Key Facts

The large onboard generator 1,500kW
Service 250hours
Fuel filters clogged 2ndst
Smooth sailing with ARM: Staying steady

The Solution

Monitoring and communicating the issue

Aggreko Remote Monitoring was able to indicate that the fuel filters were clogging. We then sought to avert an outage by immediately informing the customer - who was unaware of the alarm.

The Impact

ROC to the rescue

Aggreko was able to successfully monitor and communicate the issue to the customer. The ROC reached the local contact person, who was then able to have the onboard motor vessels operator change the filters before an outage could occur. Meaning the shipping company was able to avoid major product and productivity losses

Smooth sailing with ARM: Staying steady