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Engineering support and uninterrupted service amidst aging infrastructure challenges

Engineering support and uninterrupted service amidst aging infrastructure challenges

Client: A large electric utilities company

Location: Southern California, USA

Sectors: Utilities

The Challenge

Aging infrastructure and strict deadlines threaten power supply

A major electric utilities company’s substation infrastructure was in need of maintenance due to the growing power demands of their customers, an issue that was further complicated by space constraints and environmental regulations.

It was vital that the power was kept on during the maintenance of the substation as it was powering a movie studio that was mid-production. Any delay or failure in the maintenance project could lead to substantial service interruptions, severe financial losses, and a damaged reputation.

This meant that it was crucial to find a solution that was both effective and fully compliant. With all of these factors in play, even a single second of downtime could be disastrous.

Key Facts

Power installation accomplished in just 4 days 9 MW
Estimated CMI avoided 1,627,140
Ensured throughout 100% uptime
Engineering support and uninterrupted service amidst aging infrastructure challenges

The Solution

Expert engineering support by Aggreko

Knowing what was at stake, Aggreko’s team of experts provided a comprehensive solution tailored to the customer’s unique challenges. The approach included sophisticated engineering support for systems design, precise equipment sizing, and an efficient installation.

Collaborating closely with the customer, Aggreko facilitated protective device coordination analysis, conducted a fuel consumption evaluation, and efficiently navigated the permitting process with the Fire Department.

Aggreko’s expert technicians led the installation and maintained a vigilant 24/7 site watch, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability. In Phase 1 & 2, Aggreko provided six 1500kW Tier 2, CARB Certified Generator package, and four 1200kW Tier 4 Final Twin packs in Phase 3 of the project. Importantly, Tier 4 Emissions Standards were met due to Aggreko utilizing CARB and EPA certified 1200kW Tier 4 Final/Stage V diesel engines.

The Impact

No service interruptions, with enhanced reliability and customer satisfaction

The intervention by Aggreko in the customer’s maintenance project led to remarkable improvements in the utility’s service delivery. Achieving an impressive 100% uptime for a total of 577 hours across three phases, Aggreko ensured a consistent and reliable power supply to all 47 customers, including the movie studio production. This uninterrupted service was crucial in averting the severe consequences associated with power interruptions.

Additionally, Aggreko provided remote monitoring and load monitoring, and their careful fuel consumption evaluation and system design met stringent environmental standards and balanced financial viability – generating substantial revenue across all phases.

And thanks to the 1200kW Tier 4F/Stage V generators, there was a reduced impact from sound – meaning the maintenance could go on with minimal disruption, demonstrating Aggreko’s commitment to efficiency and quality, with minimal customer impact.

Engineering support and uninterrupted service amidst aging infrastructure challenges



  • Aging and inadequate infrastructure
  • High risk of service interruptions
  • Environmental and space constraints challenge operations


  • Upgraded and reliable infrastructure
  • Continuous, uninterrupted power supply
  • Efficient management of environmental and space limitations