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140 ton Air Handler Rental

Whatever environment you’re operating in, your ability to move air is a vital component of your temporary cooling or HVAC system. As a result, your choice of air handling equipment significantly impacts the performance of your system. Aggreko’s 140 ton air handler is a large air handling unit - AHU HVAC - that effortlessly gets air to wherever it needs to be.

Across all the types of air handling unit available from Aggreko, you’ll find consistent performance and unique insight into your applications and environment. Our air-handling equipment is built to produce strong airflow while keeping energy consumption down. And if you’re not sure which commercial air handler unit you need, trust Aggreko to guide you through the process and find the ideal AHU rental for you.

Rating 140 ton
Frequency (Hz) 60 Hz
Max CFM 18,000
With Heat No
Duct (Y/N) Yes
Length (ft) 8’2’’
Width (ft) 4’2’’
Height (ft) 8’5’’
Weight (lbs) 4200
Lifting - Forklift Pockets Yes


  • All units are electrically powered
  • Units can produce up to 400cfm of airflow per ton


  • We offer a low-temperature version that can operate down to -20°F