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70 ton Air Conditioner Rental

Cool Off Your Operation With Aggreko Commercial Air Conditioners

Our diverse fleet of commercial 70 Ton Air Conditioners rental, are designed and built for harsh industrial environments. They provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for high-volume applications — such as commercial buildings or power station cooling.

Rating 70 ton
Main Breaker (amps) 150
Voltage @ 60Hz 480V / 3Ø / 60Hz
With Heat No
Spot Cooler No
Length (m) 3.96
Width (m) 2.26
Height (m) 2.46
Gross Weight (kg) 3705.85
Net Weight (kg) 3705.85
Lifting - Forklift Pockets Yes


  • 70 Ton of Air Conditioning.
  • 3 phase and Earth Electrical connections, no neutral cable required.
  • 460V/3ph/60Hz
  • Direct mount to structure or Standard 20" duct connection.
  • Units only use R22/410A refrigerant.
  • Variable speed drive blower to control sound, adapt to varying ambient temps and optimize temperature output to cfm.
  • Available forklift pockets.


  • Quick to install and operate.
  • Ranging from 1 to 70 tons, our fleet of Air Conditioner Rentals provides a wide range of convenient, effective air cooling options for your entertainment needs.
  • Are designed to provide 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned return air.
  • Designed to be easily transported and allow for direct mount to structure or duct cooling.
  • Environmentally friendly, featuring lower sound levels, zero ozone depletion and low energy consumption.
  • Fitted with state of the art electronic controllers for accurate and reliable operation.