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“We’ll only supply the power you need, adapting quickly to provide more when you’re busy – or less if things slow down.”

We’re with you from start to finish

Mining operations are long-term projects – so we support you at every stage. We’re with you for exploration, project planning and site construction. We stay on for commissioning and production – providing technical advice and expertise when you’re ready to expand. And we’re by your side to help with closing the mine at the end of its life.

However remote your location, we’ll take care of the power, heating, cooling and dehumidification – freeing you to concentrate on the mining.

Breaking ground

Before you start mining, you need to make sure the site is worth the investment. The dilemma? Most mines are in remote places with no access to the local grid, making feasibility studies a challenge. We can provide the temporary power you need – saving you the expense of investing in costly equipment. And once your mine has the green light, our engineers can work with you to suggest the best power, heating and cooling for setting up campsites and building your site.

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“Mines can’t operate without a stable, reliable and adequate power supply. Luckily we have the best people and equipment for the job.”

Supplementary cooling or heating

As mine sites operate in some of the harshest conditions around the world, temperature control plays a crucial role. Aggreko can provide underground cooling, process cooling, heat recovery systems and supplementary cooling or heating as temperatures fluctuate depending on the seasons.

Recovery from unplanned emergencies

One of the main reasons our customers come to us is that we can do the job faster than anyone else. Our strategically located network of depots in North America enable us to combine local knowledge, strong customer relationships and efficient logistics to provide excellent service and rapid response that no competitor can match — even in the most remote locations.

Proactive backup that saves time and money

Aggreko Remote Monitoring (ARM) employs a highly skilled team of dedicated technicians who monitor Aggreko equipment 24/7. When potential issues are detected, the team proactively contacts customers to prevent downtime.

read about our remote monitoring service

Complete engineering, design, installation and maintenance Service

Our complete service offering from engineering to maintenance helps to meet the needs of every mine site. Our experienced project managers and expert technicians keep projects on time and under budget, from simple power needs, to our innovative solutions along the entire mining life cycle.

One call away

Speak to the industry professionals at Aggreko today. Our extensive experience in the field, and wealth of knowledge makes us the go-to solution for your mining project. Find the power, heating and cooling systems to keep your site up and running with as little downtime as possible. We’re the team you can trust. 



“Using a specialized rental power provider such as Aggreko allowed us to focus on our core activities, secure in the knowledge our power supply was in expert hands.”

Simon Village CEO ,
Banro Corporation, Africa

“Being in a remote location meant that finding a reliable power supply was a critical factor. Aggreko's lead time and modular flexibility fitted well with our planned production schedule.”

Cliff Davis CEO ,
Nevsun Resources, Eritrea

“The quality of the Aggreko equipment,along with the excellent service and technical support, has proved that Aggreko was the right choice for GV Gold to remedy the power issues we were facing at our project.”

Sergey A. Vasiliev General Director ,
OJSC Vysochaishy (GV Gold)

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