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Hybrid solutions the future of onsite mining power generation

Hybrid power: Making mining operations more efficient and environmentally friendly

Mining has never been straightforward, but as time passes it continues to get more and more complex.

As resources become more scarce, operations must become deeper, more remote, and more intense. To remain profitable, mining companies need to find new ways to keep costs down and maintain or improve productivity. And they must also address their carbon footprint to show that they are becoming more environmentally friendly.

Mining requires significant amounts of power. There’s no getting away from that, especially with the complexities of modern mining operations. And the more remote a site is, the more expensive it is to power - a lack of grid access leads most operators to switch to diesel fuel which not only creates harmful emissions but also fluctuates in price due to the volatility of the oil market.

Switching to renewable energy would eliminate these emissions and price uncertainty but currently, it’s not possible to produce all the necessary power in this way while remaining economically viable. Mining operations simply cannot afford reliability issues when it comes to power. Any amount of downtime causes significant financial losses, so it’s essential that they are efficiently powered without interruption at all times.

So, what can mines do to reduce costs and emissions without compromising on reliability?

Aggreko’s hybrid solar power solution

What if you could maximize the amount of renewable energy used for your operations while ensuring you always have enough power to run at full capacity?

Aggreko’s hybrid solutions do exactly that by combining the latest solar power and battery technology with traditional fuels like diesel to give you the best of both worlds - low emissions and guaranteed reliability and availability.

These solutions are configured to prioritize solar power to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions. Batteries store solar energy during periods of high sunlight that can then be used throughout the day. Generators automatically pick up the load when required, but only when the solar power available is low enough to cause interruptions. We supply the most advanced diesel and gas generators that are designed to cut down on harmful pollutants, so when they are in use you can be sure your emissions will be as low as possible.

This is all controlled by a state-of-the-art energy management system which ensures that your plant always has all the energy it needs without interruption. And because solar power is prioritized, both your fuel costs and carbon emissions will be reduced as much as possible.

Want to see Aggreko’s hybrid solutions in action?

We recently implemented a hybrid solution for the Batutua Tembaga Raya copper mine on Wetar Island in Indonesia. Being situated on a remote island, the mine had previously been fully powered by diesel generators. We installed mobile Solar PV panels with a Battery Energy Storage System and replaced their diesel generators with the latest high-efficiency, low-emission technology. Over five years, this will save the mine up to 4.6 million liters of fuel and reduce emissions by 12,340 tonnes of carbon. Thanks to our flexible payment options, there was no significant CAPEX expenditure, and the overall energy costs of the mine have been reduced by US$3.7 million over the same period.

Expert energy consultants

With over 50 years of experience operating microgrids like this across the globe, combined with the largest fleet of mobile, modular generators, solar panels, and batteries, Aggreko has the capability to transform any mining operation’s power solution. No matter how remote your site, or how much energy you need, our expert consultants can design a package that fits your needs.

Get in touch today to discover how Aggreko can support your mine through the energy transition.

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