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Inlet air cooling - Improve performance of the FCC Unit

Inlet air cooling - Improve performance of the FCC Unit

Push your productivity through the summer months

Main air blower (MAB) constraints can be a headache for even the most equipped refiner. It's responsible for ensuring optimal product output is generated from the FCC unit and is fundamental to successful yield production. When a MAB cannot cope with its surroundings, it can be a financial headache.

If the air mass flow rate is reduced, the severity of the cracking must be reduced, consistent with the ability to burn off the accumulated coke. This is usually accomplished by lowering the feed charged to the unit. When this occurs, the only real short-term solution to increase the FCC feed rate is to decrease air inlet temperature to increase the mass of the air volume.

That's why Aggreko's solution for air blower constraints has an incredible payback – in days or weeks. There's no reason any FCC should be air blower constrained during the warmer temperatures since Aggreko has a practical, high return on investment (ROI) solution to this common problem. We deploy fast expertise into the mix, cooling inlet air to the MAB. By chilling inlet air from around 105F to 60F – denser air is pushed into the regenerator allowing for a more efficient coke burn-off and granting optimal catalytic activity in the reactor.

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