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Aggreko can help you get quick emergency power after natural disasters

Emergency power backup and utility solutions following natural disasters

Every year, thousands of homes and businesses lose power supply for hours or days because of emergencies and natural disasters. Many utility power suppliers and distributors reactively call for support during these incidents, resulting in increased costs, delays to restoring power, and a reduction in cost-efficiency due to over-specification for the emergency response.

Effective contingency planning is a vital way to prepare and control these costs–and a partner that understands emergency power and utility solutions can help deliver the reliable power you need.

Aggreko’s utility power solutions are designed to keep your operations running smoothly

With a comprehensive range of best-in-class short-term power, Aggreko can deliver the emergency power you need, whenever and wherever you need it. What makes us unique is our deep expertise in contingency planning and utility management solutions.

We understand what you do–and what matters most in an emergency. We’ll help you understand what you need, long before you actually need it. So when disaster strikes, you get the right utilities solutions to get back up-and-running faster.

Aggreko can help you with emergency power solutions & contingency planning

Power installed quickly. Safe testing of your critical power supply. Specially trained high-voltage technicians. 24/7 monitoring and emergency response.

Emergency power generator applications

  • Short-term power supply when your primary grid goes offline
  • Emergency power to aid with disaster recovery
  • Emergency power solutions in remote, hard-to-power locations
  • A fast way to respond to spikes in demand

Why choose Aggreko?

Get back to work within hours of an emergency

Hands-on, rapid assistance from our specialist technicians

Reduce disaster costs, risks, minimize disruptions and keep things safe

FAQs about Aggreko Utility Solutions

While Aggreko is trusted for the industry’s most reliable, high-performance equipment, our expertise sets us apart. We’ve worked with utilities organizations of every shape and size–and helped navigate complex, multi-layered emergencies. Working with us, get the advantage of that rich expertise to inform your backup power strategy, contingency planning, and emergency power solution.

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