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Taking responsibility

At Aggreko, we recognise that sustainability is not about making promises. It is about conducting our business ethically and transparently, taking responsibility for our environmental and social impact, and ensuring we remain a company our stakeholders can rely on.

Corporate governance

We adopt high standards of corporate governance, and each year we report on our compliance. We conduct ourselves in accordance with internationally accepted best practice, as well as complying with corporate governance requirements of individual countries.

Sustainability governance

We are committed to comprehensive disclosure of our sustainability progress. We will share the progress that we make and highlight areas which need attention, so that our colleagues, customers, and other stakeholders can meaningfully assess our performance and hold us to account.

We are operating within a robust sustainability framework and are aligned to global sustainability benchmarks including CDP, TCFD, UN Global Compact, UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is available to download. It offers a clear, consistent view of how sustainability factors impact our financial success.

Anti-bribery and corruption

We are committed to doing business with transparency, integrity and honesty. We have implemented robust policies to maintain these values wherever and whenever we work. We will never take part in any kind of corrupt activity, either directly or through third parties.

Our dedicated compliance team ensures that our compliance framework is in line with best practice. Aggreko’s Code of Conduct sets clear standards of behaviour for our people and all employees are trained on these standards. We encourage people to speak up if they identify any issues and provide an independent service in which reports can be made. All issues reported are independently investigated and, where appropriate, any issues identified are addressed.
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Maintaining the security of our people and assets

We have adopted a robust security framework in line with established best practice which:

  • Embeds minimum security standards in the diverse environments where we operate.
  • Implements controls to maintain security standards including risk assessments, audits, training and engagement.
  • Facilitates security incident reporting to ensure we immediately uncover, investigate and remedy potential risks.
  • Maintains compliance with all applicable local legal requirements and standards.

We have a dedicated Head of Security and a security representative for each region with responsibility to oversee the security framework.

We continually monitor our security performance by tracking incident reporting, audits and training.

Cyber security standards

We recognise the importance of protecting information, processes and systems – our own, our customers’ and our partners’. Our cyber security framework is integrated into our operational and commercial procedures to ensure we maintain high standards of data security.

We have a dedicated IT security team with responsibility to oversee the data security framework to keep it in line with best practice and the emerging threat landscape.

We provide cyber security training to all employees to ensure a security-aware culture. We monitor our data security performance through audits and system tests, including vulnerability scanning, ongoing employee training including monthly phishing testing and quarterly scoring of NIST CSF control maturity. 

Aligning to leading sustainability performance benchmarks

Our external partnerships help to inform our progress and our commitment to a sustainable future.

Our sustainability performance is benchmarked by external organisations to hold us to account and drive improvement.

We work with other businesses to learn, adapt and drive improvements in our approach and to share our own experiences to help drive sustainable performance in other organisations.

We partner with our suppliers to drive sustainable practices throughout our supply chain.

We have participated in CDP submission since 2013, achieving a climate change rating of B for FY 2021.

We produced our first TCFD report in 2020 explaining how sustainability factors could impact our financial success over the long term. You can read our latest TCFD report here.

We are a signatory to the UN Global Compact and have aligned our strategy to the 10 sustainability principles. We have aligned our Sustainability Framework to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which supports 8 of the UN SDGs.