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3 major benefits of supplemental rental solutions for your manufacturing company

Climate change is a hot topic in today’s world – and for good reason.

With the last decade reported as the warmest on record, climate change is beginning to affect the manufacturing industry in a big way.

As a result of these rising temperatures, manufacturing businesses have had to turn to rental solutions to weather the storm against major setbacks – whether it’s their equipment’s sensitivity to higher temperatures; the location, size, and age of their manufacturing plants; unexpected weather patterns; or heightened product demand cycles.

Today, this means that manufacturing companies need to be ready for anything when it comes to their production – or anything that could get in the way of meeting their targets.

But while climate changes brings its challenges, warming ambient temperatures of both the air and water can also create unforeseen opportunities for manufacturers – from emerging markets to brand new products.

And it’s these opportunities that manufacturers need to seize in order not only to keep up with demands in spite of climate change but also to outsmart their competitors and stay one step ahead in the race to the top.

So it’s even more important for facilities to maintain or increase their output to keep up with the rising demand that these additional opportunities bring.

But how? It can be a struggle to set up permanent, scalable, and flexible solutions for such demands.

That’s where modular, temporary rental solutions can help, allowing businesses to keep up with demand and scale up and down as they need in their day-to-day operations.

Here, we take a deep dive into some of the success stories that different industries have experienced when using supplementary utilities, as well as the three major advantages of choosing rental solutions over permanent equipment.

Benefit #1: Industrial cooling to beat the heat and overcome seasonal limitations

As the planet is heating up, the need for cooling to supplement manufacturing processes is more vital than ever before.

Pre-existing equipment, such as chillers, cooling towers, and air compressors, might be decades old, and likely wasn’t built with such high ambient temperatures in mind. As a result, it can be impacted and strained by high heat and humidity, especially in the summer months.

So when summer temperatures reach all-time highs, refrigeration and air handling systems struggle to maintain the cooling capacities necessary to keep up with production demands.

But rather than manufacturers reducing production or pushing equipment to its limits – risking a potential (and costly) failure – a better option exists: using temporary supplemental utilities like modular cooling systems to beat the heat of the season.

Industrial cooling in pharmaceutical manufacturing

A prime example of how temporary rental utilities helped to overcome seasonal humidity exists within the pharmaceutical industry.

A medical device manufacturer in the northeast of the US was experiencing an increase in product failure rates due to rising humidity. To combat this, they chose a temporary cooling solution consisting of various rental utilities from Aggreko – a desiccant dehumidifier, pre- and post-cooling air handlers, and 100% oil-free compressors with dryers.

By choosing these supplemental utilities, the plant was able to achieve the desired manufacturing conditions, including dew point and relative humidity, while also increasing production yield due to faster cool-down rates.

Ultimately, this allowed the plant to continue to meet the demand for medical monofilament – a product that is essential in the healthcare industry.

Industrial cooling in food and beverage manufacturing

Industrial cooling solutions also kept a fish farming facility afloat with a tailored temperature control system.

The aquaculture company faced a major challenge when maintaining the optimal temperature for salmon growth in their tanks – even minor fluctuations could negatively impact the fish's development.

By using Aggreko’s expertise and rental cooling solutions, the company installed a customized temperature control solution that enabled the successful cooling of 100,000 liters of water in four tanks within four days, maintaining their salmon production cycle with optimally sized fish.

Efficient cooling utilities helped maintain optimal conditions for product quality and growth, while also reducing costs and improving overall operational efficiency.

What’s another way to use industrial cooling in manufacturing?

It’s not just the manufacturing process that can benefit from industrial cooling. In day-to-day operations, there is one vital factor that requires more care and attention than almost anything else – the workers.

Workers are a key part of the production process, and without them, production would come to a halt.

Working in environments that are beyond a comfortable heat and humidity is not just stressful for workers. It’s also a surefire way to risk OSHA paying a visit, spotting heat hazards in the workplace, and even ordering work to stop completely, putting your business in jeopardy with expensive downtime until the issues are resolved.

So, how can this excess heat be avoided to keep workforces safe and comfortable?

One cement manufacturer found the answer with supplemental cooling utilities. When cement kiln operators were at risk of heat stress due to high temperatures, the company implemented a “force cooling” method, combining an Aggreko chiller and air handler package.

The resulting cooling system allowed employees to safely monitor the kiln and work at a comfortable temperature, reducing safety risks and improving productivity.

Benefit #2: Keep up with new trends and consumer demands

Nobody likes missing out on the latest big thing – no matter what industry.

Another advantage of using temporary rental solutions in the manufacturing industry is that companies can continue to stay agile enough to jump on the latest trends, while keeping up with consumer demands.

For instance, you might spot a new trend in your industry and you want to take advantage of the opportunity before your competitors are even aware of it. So you can turn to temporary supplemental power to open new lines of production quickly, and gain that all-important head start on other manufacturers in the same industry.

Supplemental utilities also help to avoid the possibility of pushing existing equipment beyond its limits.

Under the strain of more strenuous operations, equipment could potentially break down or experience unexpected failures. This would at best slow down production, or at worst, completely stop it in its tracks.

How can generator rental solutions help manufacturers keep up with demand?

Accelerated vaccine production during pandemics

After the coronavirus pandemic swept across the world, the pharmaceutical industry has learned an important lesson - more needs to be done to find a vaccine, and much more quickly.

When combating the coronavirus outbreak, generator rental solutions allowed pharmaceutical companies to quickly scale up the COVID vaccine production process of the COVID vaccine, while cutting down on the required time and capital.

In the event of further outbreaks in the future, having these temporary, rapidly scalable solutions ready to go for pharmaceutical manufacturers will ultimately mean the population receives safe vaccines much more quickly, and will help protect population health by preventing the rapid spread of a disease or virus.

Quicker food production to keep up with consumer trends

Studies show that approximately 5% of the US population are vegetarian and 4% follow a vegan diet. With new dietary needs growing every day, it’s important that food and beverage manufacturers are able to keep up with such high demands.

That’s where supplemental utilities come in. For example, generator rental enables food and beverage manufacturers to quickly scale up necessary products for vegetarian and vegan consumers, and can scale up or down depending on demand.

Ultimately, these additional utilities are especially helpful as an effective way of scaling up specific products to suit new markets, as well as serve as a temporary provision while more permanent production facilities are underway for more established markets.

Benefit #3: Easily scale up your current facilities with rental solutions

Speaking of scaling up, even without considering seasonal temperature rises and needing to keep up with trends, manufacturers still need to consider that aging infrastructure may well struggle to keep up with today’s demands and current capacities.

For instance, manufacturers who are expanding their current facilities may need temporary utilities to keep the production process moving and avoid expensive downtime.

One large paper manufacturing company had such an experience when they were facing reliability issues with their existing generator. In order to avoid a decline in productivity, they needed a temporary solution that could provide reliable and efficient power.

To ensure a smooth transition and operation, the company chose to use Aggreko’s rental modular thermal generation equipment while its existing generator underwent maintenance.

However, during the maintenance, the company discovered that their current generator was no longer a viable option.

So instead they chose to keep the rental generator while a new generator was installed on the site. Replacing the previous generator would have been proved extremely challenging (or at least amount to a very large span of downtime) without the temporary solution.

Thus, the rental generator provided the company with the flexibility to scale up or down their power generation as required, helping them to optimize fuel costs and avoid any production loss in the process.

How Aggreko can empower your manufacturing operations

Navigating the ever-changing ebb and flow of manufacturing demands adaptability. And Aggreko is here to provide you with the ideal solution.

Our temporary rental solutions offer a tailored approach that aligns with your manufacturing process and business requirements, giving you the edge you need in such a dynamic industry.

Why choose rental solutions and equipment from Aggreko?

You can enjoy several benefits when renting Aggreko equipment and services, including:

No commitment to major capital expenditure

We understand the financial implications of large investments. By choosing Aggreko, you can sidestep the need for substantial capital outlays, freeing up resources for critical areas of your business.

Vital equipment at short notice

Manufacturing timelines can be demanding. Aggreko's rental solutions put vital equipment at your fingertips when you need it most. This means you can respond promptly to fluctuations in demand without the delays associated with purchasing and setup.

Quick and safe installation

Our experienced professionals ensure that the installation process is not only swift but also adheres to the highest safety standards. You can count on Aggreko for a seamless and secure integration of rental equipment into your operations.

Fast fixes to urgent or short-term problems

Manufacturing is rife with unforeseen challenges. Our rapid-response support system is designed to address urgent issues efficiently, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Flexible kit to match the changing needs of your site

Your manufacturing site's requirements are constantly in flux, and we recognize the need for flexibility. Aggreko’s rental solutions offer adaptable equipment that evolves alongside your site’s changing needs, ensuring optimal performance at all times.

Aggreko's commitment to your success extends beyond equipment – it's about enabling your operations to thrive in the face of challenges. Whether you're looking to overcome seasonal temperature spikes, scale up to take advantage of market opportunities, or expand your facilities seamlessly, our temporary supplemental utilities are designed to help you boost production and keep your business moving.

Temporary rental solutions provide scalability and resilience for manufacturers

Temporary rental solutions allow manufacturers to take advantage of a whole host of benefits – from being adaptable to changing industry trends, to being able to quickly scale their production operations, to avoiding costly downtime during essential maintenance.

And as climbing temperatures and unexpected weather patterns continue to emerge with climate change, these supplemental utilities – including generators, cooling equipment, and heating solutions – prove to be invaluable assets.

That’s why choosing Aggreko as your partner guarantees more than just solutions – it guarantees sustainability and reliability. We stand committed to providing manufacturing companies with the tools they need to not only endure challenges but also easily overcome them.

Curious to learn more? Get in touch with our team for more information on how we can help your manufacturing business and facilities with supplemental utilities to brave the storm, overcome any challenge, and outsmart your competitors.

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