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Gas and Diesel Power Generator Rental

Generator power solutions for all your industrial and commercial business needs

Gas and Diesel Generators Available for Rent

Emergency & backup generator rentals for temporary power supply, planned projects, or power outages

Because temporary power from Aggreko is available 24/7/365, emergency generators can get to you when and where you need them —quickly. Our modular units can be delivered immediately to minimize downtime and keep your facility or production running.

Commercial and Industrial Generator Rentals

Aggreko can offer solutions for rental power needs of all sizes and shapes, from temporary single-site power, to baseload-scale multi-megawatt power for regional grids. We focus on delivering precisely what each client needs when they need it.

  • Our Power generators range in size from 25 kW to 1,500 kW and incorporate new advances in spill containment, silencing, and emission-lowering technology.
  • Our modular power generators are quiet with a rugged, compact design. They are trailer-mounted for simple and safe transportation.
  • Twin Pack uninterruptible generators combine and synchronize two generators to provide fully, redundant backup power to always remain online.
  • Container rental power units are available in individual sizes from 500kW to 2MW and offer unique synchronizing and load-sharing capabilities.
  • On locations, where noise reduction is important, our Hush Power quiet generators are the perfect solution.
  • If you are worried about fuel cost, the Fuel Flex 450 kW, a high-speed reciprocating gas engine with exceptional fuel efficiency and unparalleled reliability.
  • Our Ultra-low Emissions Package and Tier 4 Final generators are the leading solutions to lower emissions and reduce your environmental impact while still supplying your energy needs.

Additionally, Aggreko’s local technical specialists promptly deliver and install these generators, and locally or remotely monitor their performance to ensure continued, reliable service. And if you need a source to keep your generator rental running, Aggreko can also provide a rental fuel tank or any of the rental power accessories you might need.

Aggreko has made a multi-million-dollar investment on innovative emission-lowering power solutions over the last year. Take your temporary power needs to the next level and lower your environmental impact at the same time.

Tier 4 Final Generators

Specifically designed to cut down on harmful pollutants, our Tier 4F generators comply with the most stringent requirements set out by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for diesel engines.

They operate the same way as the cleanest car engines limiting carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter to provide efficient low carbon temporary power. The new innovative fleet will deliver a 98% reduction in the volume of particulates and 96% of the NOx gases expelled compared to the basic engines in older generators.

Ultra-Low Emissions Package

Our Ultra-Low Emissions Package can cut all controlled exhaust stream emissions by as much as 99%, significantly reducing your environmental impact and ensuring you can increase your operations – without exceeding air permit limits.

Our Ultra-Low Emissions Package emission levels are certified to be less than 10% compared to the best reciprocating engine and turbine available on the market and less than 1% of the federal limits.

Fuel Flex 450 kw

With our new natural gas generator, the Fuel Flex 450 kW, you can get the ultimate fuel efficiency with the flexibility and performance you've come to expect from Aggreko.

Powered by the high-horsepower Waukesha H24 engine, the Fuel Flex 450 kW delivers the highest-density power with the smallest footprint: a high-speed reciprocating gas engine with exceptional fuel efficiency and unparalleled reliability.


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