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Master Community construction kept on track with hybrid power

Keeping Master Community construction on-track with Hybrid Power

Client: Various Homebuilding Companies

Location: Houston, TX

Sectors: Construction

The Challenge

Solving delays in power infrastructure with affordable, rental power

There is a real estate boom happening across the nation, and Houston is no stranger to the fast-growing industry of master-planned communities offering families the chance to own homes in developments featuring vast amenities, hip restaurants and premium recreation. That is why it is imperative that home builders are able to keep construction of these communities on-track as thousands of eager homeowners depend on the timelines set forth by the developers.

When a home-building company’s timeline is threatened, such as what has happened to many of these builders across Houston due to transformer supply chain issues that are causing delays in local power infrastructure, they need a reliable partner to provide long-term, rental power solutions.

Key Facts

Diesel Generators 7 x 60 kV
Batteries 7 x 60 kVA
In Fuel Savings/Month* $21,000+
Of CO2 Saved/Month 5.96 MT
Master Community construction kept on track with hybrid power

The Solution

Hybrid power to cut emissions and fuel costs

In Houston, our dedicated team of construction representatives are quick to provide viable power applications that check many boxes; keep construction on-track, save our customers money, and keep local emissions guidelines, or our customer’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals, in-mind.

After one-on-one site walks with customers across the Gulf region, we designed unique applications to keep multiple neighbourhood construction sites powered on. Hybrid genset applications of 60 kV Diesel Generators coupled with 60 kVA Batteries meant the generators would only have to run 1/3 of the time, significantly reducing fuel costs and minimizing particles that the generators would normally emit into the air.

The Impact

More money in our customer’s pocket and less emissions in the air

Our hybrid power applications for home builders across Houston were able to save approximately $3,000 or more in fuel costs per each application per month*.

As a Greener Upgrades solution, these seven gensets also reduced monthly diesel usage from 697.5 gallons of diesel to just 165 gallons; bringing 7.8 metric tons of Carbon Dioxide Emissions (CO2) down to a mere 1.84 - helping reduce pollution in and around the beautiful gulf region.

Aggreko is proud of the positive customer feedback it has received from this project, and are looking forward to supporting our own Greener Upgrades initiatives, and the ESG goals of our customers.

*Fuel savings were calculated at the time of this specific job deployment. Exact fuel savings will vary depending on fuel costs at the time of your project.

Master Community construction kept on track with hybrid power
Master Community construction kept on track with hybrid power

Without battery

  • 7.1 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Equivalent to 697 Gallons of diesel

With battery

  • 1.7 Metric Tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
  • Equivalent to 165 Gallons of diesel