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Precise cooling keeps Metro station construction safe

Location: Paris, France

Sectors: Construction

The Challenge

Maintain structure integrity and keep water out of Metro construction sites

The construction of three new Metro stations in Paris required four different companies taking care of different aspects of this large project.

This was no ordinary construction site though.

The tunnel to connect these prospective stations was pierced before the new stations were built, which is not aligned with conventional methods. The depth of the work site was -25m, and this can cause disruption to communications and present dangers that aren’t common in ground level work. Lastly, there is a large volume of water near to the site. The workers needed to remain safe, and that meant that ground disruption could risk the safety of many – unless a new method could be devised.

Step forward Aggreko.


Metres depth of site -25
Temperature of frozen ground -45°C
VLTC 80 kW 3x

The Solution

Innovative VLTC technology and wireless temperature tracking

Our experts suggested using a VLTC (Very Low Temperature Cooler) to freeze the surrounding ground, keeping the integrity of the subterranean location safe and free from the threat of water leaks and ground subsidence.

We went one step further by installing 84 temperature probes per station and a wireless receiver and recorder, so that safety was maintained for construction to continue. Our VLTC equipment combined with our expertise and other ancillaries – including kilometres of fittings and hoses – meant a temperature of -35oC and minimised risk, especially compared to conventional means.

The Impact

Three Metro station projects remain on track for completion and workers stay safe

Thanks to our alternative approach, adaptive experts and reliable equipment, the four companies responsible for the construction of the new Metro stations avoided costly delays that can hamper the fruition of a project.

The underlying reason why this project remained on course though, is our dedication to safety. Our experience working in dangerous environments is made possible by us ensuring that every person on site can concentrate on what matters most.