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Using natural gas to fight Death Valley heat

Using natural gas to fight death valley heat

Client: Xanterra Parks and Resorts

Location: Death Valley National Park

Sectors: Construction

The Challenge

Cool a remotely located hotel during expansion

When Xanterra Parks and Resorts needed to apply epoxy at 80°F in a 100°F kitchen, they knew they had a problem.

Combine this with a remote location, extreme heat, and a lack of consistent power, and they found themselves in a sticky situation.

If they couldn’t do it, productivity levels would suffer and their planned expansion would come grinding to a halt.

They reached out to Aggreko to come up with a quick solution that would see the expansion continue without a hitch.

Key Facts

Savings on total operating costs 15-20 %
The temperature needed to successfully apply epoxy 80 °f
Of natural gas generators was used to power the site 800 kW
Using natural gas to fight death valley heat

The Solution

Chillers & natural gas benefits

Aggreko installed two 300kW and a 200kW Gensets for a year. We also supplied 300kW of natural gas for the hotel and 200kW for the warehouse.

We brought in an air handler, chiller, and generator to work in tandem to cool the interior to the required temperature.

Getting the right equipment online quickly and ensuring full business operation is essential for the construction industry. Delivering under pressure is what we do best


The Impact

Full hotel capacity during peak season

Xanterra immediately saw an increase in worker productivity levels as well as an almost-instant saving of 15-20% on operating costs. .

They could finally apply the epoxy at the right temperature and reduced their carbon footprint at the same time. This meant the hotel could operate at full capacity during the peak season despite sweltering temperatures outside.

Using natural gas to fight Death Valley heat