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Year-round construction support provides triple digit savings

Year-round construction support provides triple digit savings

Client: BKI Bachelor & Kimble

Location: USA

Sectors: Construction

The Challenge

Cutting down weather delays to the finish line

Data centers bring in revenue of $1 million an hour, so it’s no surprise that this customer was keen to get their facility up and running as fast as possible. Unfortunately, their power source was unreliable, and they were forced to keep stopping and renting new equipment every time they moved on to a new phase in the project. What they needed was a team that understood their complete needs, could foresee and address problems in advance, and quickly provide all the equipment they needed - when they needed it. After trying other equipment rental companies that didn’t fulfill these needs, they decided to give us a call.

Key Facts

Saved for the customer $100,000
Ahead of schedule 30 days
Size of raw construction area 1M ft2
Year-round construction support provides triple digit savings

The Solution

A holistic approach that’s prepared for anything

At first, we were brought in to fix one small problem: keeping onsite workers warm in the winter. Soon we realized that we could help in many more ways. Our experts explained to BKI how bringing in additional heaters would help properly cure concrete quicker and shave nearly three weeks off the curing time.

We eventually supplied 12 120 kW generators, and as the seasons changed, we switched to a comfort cooling setup to replace a failed cooling tower. Finally, we provided equipment and planning services to conduct load bank testing to ensure the center’s power and distribution systems could safely handle the massive energy loads they would be drawing from utility power.

“Saving money and time for our clients and supplying the perfect solution to complex challenges is what we do best.”



The Impact

A well-run project, completed a month ahead of schedule

The effect on the project was enormous. Power supply was guaranteed, and any heating or cooling issues could be addressed in no time at all, cutting out delays and getting things moving faster than ever before. So much so, in fact, that the project completed a month ahead of schedule. This not only saved the team $100,000 in direct costs, it also meant they could start earning revenue far sooner than expected. $1M an hour for a month? We’ll let you do the math.

Year-round construction support provides triple digit savings