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How to Keep Production Processes Cool How to Keep Production Processes Cool

2021.08.10 Aggreko

Struggling to keep your production processes cool? Aggreko’s temporary cooling solutions will get you back on track



The production of oil and gas is a complicated business. There are many different processes involved and if producers run into challenges with these processes production losses and unexpected costs can occur. Many of the processes involved generate heat, and particularly during the summer months, plants will see efficiency, productivity, and profitability fall as temperatures rise.

Through the years, many in the oil and gas industry accepted these seasonal temperature limitations and adjusted their business plans to accommodate these hot ambient temperature related issues. But where others see problems, Aggreko looks for solutions. For over 30 years, we have used our engineering expertise and equipment to meet the hot process challenges head-on and keep plants running at full capacity.

Process cooling solutions, wherever and whenever you need it

Aggreko combines the talent of our senior process engineers with our cooling equipment to develop innovative solutions that solve large-scale, complex productivity challenges. With structured process cooling analysis, engineering expertise, and temporary cooling equipment, including heat exchangers and chillers, we have shown that excess heat no longer needs to impact your profitability. By working closely with plant engineers and maintenance teams we are able to specify and deploy the ideal equipment from our rental fleet. Our solutions are proven to enhance productivity across a range of industries and can be implemented as quickly as possible to minimize any downtime.

While Aggreko prides itself on rapid development and execution of projects along the way we deliver engineering, process hazard analysis, project commissioning, training and comprehensive project documentation while maintaining the highest health and safety standards.

So how do we provide a cost-effective solution for the times when your existing equipment can’t cope?

A temporary solution to a long-standing problem, Aggreko’s range of temperature control equipment is the answer. With hundreds of projects completed across a wide range of applications and industries, there’s nothing we haven’t seen before. No other rental company in the world can match us for our expertise and fleet of equipment that allows us to respond to your cooling needs - no matter how large and how urgent.

Our equipment includes heat exchangers, mechanical chillers, cooling towers, air handlers, aerial coolers, pumps, and tanks of various sizes. Each piece of equipment is modular allowing them to be interconnected to accommodate a wide range of temperature, pressure, and flow requirements. We have North America wide, 24/7 availability to take on major projects immediately.

Whether you need extra cooling during the summer months, or a temporary solution whilst your existing equipment is being repaired, Aggreko’s rental fleet is the perfect answer.

In the event you have a major incident at your site that affects your existing cooling facilities, we can deliver a turnkey system including pipes, pumping, electrical distribution, and generators to restore cooling capacity within days. But why wait until disaster strikes? Set up an emergency contingency plan with Aggreko and we’ll have you back up and running even sooner.

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