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Cooling Towers Rentals

Cooling Tower Rentals in Canada

How does a cooling tower work?

From HVAC solutions to your processes, industrial applications generate significant amounts of heat. A cooling tower receives this heated water, cools it using environmental air, and then returns cooled water to wherever it’s required.

How does a cooling tower work? If you’re familiar with a heat exchanger, a water cooling tower works in the same way - but at a much larger scale. Heat leaves water through evaporation to help reduce the operating temperature of your equipment and maintain optimal performance. With capacities up to 10,000 GPM, our cooling tower rentals are the ideal choice for larger industrial environments and the most demanding processes.

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Choosing between the chiller vs cooling tower: Which one is the right choice for your needs?

While both solutions can help control temperatures and dispel excess heat, chillers and cooling towers work in different ways. With a water-cooled or air-cooled chiller, heat is removed and sent out into the air. Conversely, cooling towers typically remove heat using a condenser, then return water back to your HVAC system.

Often, the right choice depends on your environment, challenges, and the scale of your environment. A compact cooling tower could be appropriate for a commercial or light industrial setting, while large, 500 ton cooling towers can cope with heavy industrial processes. Some scenarios may even call for a combined chiller cooling tower system, with multiple approaches used together.

If you’re not sure which solution is best for your needs - chiller vs cooling tower - we can help. With a unique understanding of your applications, we’ll help you find the right HVAC solution for you.

Types of cooling tower systems in Aggreko’s fleet

Aggreko is trusted for its unique expertise, global reach, and expansive fleet. We provide all types of cooling tower, paired with the guidance you need to get the right water cooling tower system for you.

Within our fleet, you’ll find cooling towers with capacities from 100 GPM to 10,000 GPM. For HVAC solutions and commercial applications, we can provide individual cooling towers ranging from 200 to 1000 tons. Meanwhile, many of our larger towers are modular, allowing you to combine them into comprehensive solutions that cool water up to 1.5 million GPM.

Whatever the scale of your project, trust Aggreko to deliver the cooling you need, wherever and whenever you need it.

Rental industrial water-cooling tower systems and solutions

What makes Aggreko different is our unique blend of equipment and expertise. We understand your cooling tower industrial applications, so we can design your ideal rental solution.

ACTS is our group of cooling tower specialists: a team with a proven track record across hundreds of projects, including some of the largest of their kind. No matter how large, how far, and how urgent your needs are, we can be there. Across all our industrial cooling tower rentals, you’ll benefit from our unique forced draft, counterflow design of evaporative cooling. With direct-drive fans, self-adjusting spray nozzles, and heat removal rates from 2 million to 1,000 million BTU/hr, we provide cooling tower rental for everything from planned system turnarounds to emergencies.

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Solve your water cooling problems with Aggreko’s HVAC cooling tower solutions

  • Temporary cooling capacity - Maximize production during hot summer months or peak demand times using temporary water cooling towers alongside your overheated main tower.
  • Cooling tower replacement and repair - Carry out maintenance work without interruption to your plant productivity by diverting water from your primary tower to Aggreko’s rental towers.
  • Thermal discharge - Maintain discharge water temperature limits - even in hot weather - by running a portion of your overheated water through our temporary cooling towers. We’ll keep you running at full capacity, discharging water at environmentally safe and compliant temperatures.
  • Emergency cooling - Reduce costly downtime with a turnkey system including pipes, pumping, electrical distribution, and generators to restore cooling capacity within days - or sooner with an Aggreko emergency contingency plan.
  • Wastewater cooling - Some industrial water treatment processes depend on microorganisms to break down hydrocarbons and contaminants in wastewater streams. When temperatures rise, microorganisms can’t survive. Our custom cooling towers can be optimized to maintain a healthy environment where microorganisms thrive.

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