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our difference

If you've met us, you'll know

Aggreko people are more dedicated, more experienced, and more pioneering. That’s no coincidence. It all starts with who we hire.


Unique spirit and values

For a global company, we’re like a family. Wherever we are in the world, you’ll find these same values at work.

This means we:

  • Use our entrepreneurial passion to deliver and make great things happen – BE DYNAMIC
  • Use our blend of experience, expertise and planning to keep us ahead of the game – BE EXPERT
  • Ask the best of each other, harnessing our scale and diverse skills to grow stronger together – BE TOGETHER
  • Learn from the world for a better today and for great leaps tomorrow – BE INNOVATIVE

Most importantly, we all share the same passion – working together to create a difference for our company, each other and the people we serve.

work for us

Ask the best of each other, harnessing our

Safety is our priority

On all our projects, across every continent, you’ll find the same stringent safety standards –protecting our employees, customers and local communities we work with. It’s something we’ve built our reputation on, so you know you’re always in the best hands.

Our approach

Every job is different, so our first task is to listen carefully to what you need. If it’s a large project, we’ll visit your site and talk in depth with your team to map out the details. Then we get to work –fast. Which doesn’t mean thinking short-term. Our experience means we plan ahead, putting systems in place that save money and benefit your business overall.


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