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Air Conditioner Rentals

Air conditioner rentals

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Our industrial air conditioner rentals provide temporary and emergency cooling services for All industries. 

Large-Scale Industrial Air Conditioning Rental Solutions

Whether you need rental air conditioners for movie sets, major business conferences, or an industrial workplace, such as a mine or for the construction of a tunnel, Aggreko has the temporary cooling equipment you need. Aggreko has unsurpassed experience in providing temporary air conditioning solutions for our customers. No matter when or where rental cooling is needed, Aggreko is there.


When should you rent an air conditioner?


Temperature control is critical, whether running a remote mine or a pop-up healthcare center. Overheating from cramped or uncomfortable conditions can cause fainting, fatigue, low blood pressure, and more. Our process engineers can prepare the right air-conditioning solution – from selecting spot coolers to designing temporary air-conditioning systems – to keep your employees and clients safe without incurring a shutdown.

Seasonal heating issues

With global temperatures rising and heatwaves reaching new extremes, many people are underprepared to safely manage heat in their homes and workplaces or at events. Aggreko can help you supplement your existing air conditioners, temporarily replace equipment during outages or planned maintenance – while minimizing downtime – or develop a contingency plan to stay ahead of the risk.

Major events and conferences

For most events and conferences, maintaining the significant number of air conditioners required to cool as many as tens of thousands of people is expensive and operationally inefficient. By renting supplemental air conditioning equipment on an as-needed business, Aggreko can help you eliminate unnecessary expenses while optimally scaling to the needs of the event or conference.


Heavy-duty air conditioners are industrial-sized units designed to provide 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned, return air.

With sizes up to 70 tons and the capacity to work modularly in a heating and cooling system, heavy-duty air conditioners are best for large-scale spaces, outdoor events, and industrial operations like mines or oil rigs.

Spot coolers

Spot coolers are compact and portable air conditioners that provide quick emergency cooling to interior spaces large and small.

They range in size from one to 5 tons units. Spot coolers are the best air conditioners for providing quick relief in office and industrial spaces, cooling temporary structures, and treating hot spots with direct air.


Designed for environments like speaking engagements or live shows where noise is a big factor, HushPac low noise air conditioners provide up to 30 tons of cooling or 50 kW of heat.

HushPac units are simple and self-contained, offering variable-speed fans and allowing for low-load ambient conditions.


Aggreko's Heavy-Duty Air Conditioner Rentals

  • Range in size up to 1 - 70 tons
  • Are capable of more than 12,000cfm of 45°F air
  • Are designed to provide 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned return air
  • A specialized part of this capacity range is the modular rental air conditioner  units we offer, with capacity of 1 ton to 35 tons modular air conditioners, which can be supplied with a full range of rental temperature control accessories.

Low Noise Rental Air Conditioners Available

Aggreko also offers our HushPac line of air conditioner rentals  for situations when very low noise is a priority. These units provide up to 30 tons of rental cooling or 50kW of safe, electric heat with a low sound rating. These rental air conditioning units have:

  • Internal condensate pumps to remove condensation from the unit and its vicinity,
  • Built-in variable-speed fans, and
  • A hot-gas bypass to allow for low-load ambient conditions.



Find the most suitable air conditioner for you. Download our brochure and find out more.


Air conditioner rentals

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