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Spot Cooler Rentals

Spot Cooler Rental in Canada

Aggreko’s temporary cooling solutions, such as spot coolers, applications

Commercial and industrial spot coolers are designed to deliver targeted cooling wherever you need it most. They can provide emergency comfort cooling in offices or manufacturing, allowing for maintenance on your primary HVAC solutions. They’re also used to manage areas that need to be cooler than the rest of your environment - from equipment hot spots to temporary cooling solutions for temporary structures.

What makes Aggreko spot coolers different is our unique focus on mobility. Our first-hand experience in cooling solutions means we know how needs and priorities change over time. That’s why all our industrial spot coolers are built to make movement easy - so you can roll your unit to wherever you need to beat the heat.

Typical applications include:

Industrial spot cooler rentals

Aggreko’s commercial and industrial spot cooler rentals instantly provide cool air in the hottest environments. We can supply temporary or emergency cooling, whenever and wherever you need it. All in compact-yet-powerful units that are effective, easily moved, and available anywhere.

What is a spot cooler?

A commercial or industrial spot cooler is a cooling solution that provides temperature control to a limited space. With a stream of cooled air, you can effectively lower the temperature of a single room or even specific equipment.

How does a spot cooler work?

A spot cooler typically treats and uses air from its immediate surroundings, unlike an air conditioner which uses air from another location. Aggreko’s spot coolers come with unmatched ease of use, giving you confidence in even the most critical settings. Just locate your unit and use the flexible output arm to blast cold air wherever you need to.

Why choose Aggreko temporary cooling solutions?

Our commercial and industrial spot cooler rentals come supported by Aggreko’s unique expertise, insight, and knowledge of your applications. We know the challenges you face, so we can guarantee a simple, seamless experience, every step of the way.

  • We’re the temperature control experts
  • We’re ready to respond 24/7
  • We deliver turnkey solutions
  • No-fuss delivery and set-up
  • Get the right equipment for your job - and your budget

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