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Potable Heat Exchanger

Rental Heating Equipment for Many Commercial or Industrial Applications

Potable Heat Exchanger - hot potable water for domestic usage

Key Data

  1. BTU
    2127 kBtu/h heat exchange

Physical Data

  1. Height (m)
    0.91 m
  2. Length (m)
    0.75 m
  3. Width (m)
    0.32 m


  • Can be used in place of a Boiler in some applications
  • Provides hot potable water for customers
  • Great for small to medium sized building applications
  • Scalable and can be configured in multiple combinations to meet size and space requirements


  • Directly interfaces with buildings permanent distribution systems
  • Open to atmosphere ventilation, eliminating the need for boiler technicians
  • Emergency, maintenance, and supplemental portable heat
  • Available on natural gas, propane or diesel fuel

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