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Air conditioner systems rental

Air conditioning system rental

Expert partners for air conditioners

Large-scale industrial and commercial air conditioner rental solutions

Whether you need rental air conditioners for movie sets, major business conferences, or an industrial workplace, such as a mine or for the construction of a tunnel, Aggreko has the temporary cooling equipment you need. Aggreko has unsurpassed experience in providing temporary air conditioning solutions for our customers. No matter when or where rental cooling is needed, Aggreko is there.

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When should you consider temporary air conditioning rental?


From remote mines to pop-up healthcare centers, effective temperature control is critical in emergency scenarios. Overheating from cramped or uncomfortable conditions can cause fainting, fatigue, low blood pressure, and more. Our process engineers can prepare the right air conditioning system for your environment, from selecting spot coolers to designing temporary air conditioning solutions. It’s everything you need to keep your employees and clients safe.

Seasonal heating issues

With global temperatures rising and heatwaves reaching new extremes, many people are underprepared to safely manage heat in their homes, workplaces, and at events. With Aggreko, get tailored air conditioner rental to supplement your existing equipment, or provide coverage during maintenance or planned downtime.

Major events and conferences

Large events and conferences depend on large-scale event air conditioning rental. With Aggreko, get a partner who can keep up with huge demands, cooling tens of thousands of people in a way that’s efficient and cost-effective. Just rent air conditioners on a flexible, as-needed basis, eliminating unnecessary expense and scaling to meet the needs of your event.

HVAC air conditioner types

With decades of experience in every kind of environment, Aggreko delivers a vast range of air conditioning systems – and the specialist expertise you need to find the right match for your needs.

Industrial and commercial air conditioner rental

For the most demanding environments, our heavy-duty air conditioners are industrial-sized units designed to provide 100% cool, fresh air or 100% conditioned return air.

With sizes up to 70 tons and modular connectivity as part of a heating and cooling system, industrial air conditioning systems are best for large-scale spaces, outdoor events, and industrial operations like mines and oil rigs

Aggreko’s heavy-duty air conditioner rentals include:

  • Sizes from 1 to 70 tons
  • Capacity of more than 12,000 cfm of 45℉ air
  • Modular air conditioners from 1 to 35 tons
  • A full range of compatible rental temperature control accessories

HushPac low noise air conditioning systems

Designed for environments like speaking engagements or live shows where noise is a critical factor, HushPac air conditioning systems provide up to 30 tons of cooling or 50 kW of heat with a low sound rating.

These quiet air conditioner rentals include:

  • Variable speed fans for noise control
  • Internal condensate pumps to remove condensation
  • A hot-gas bypass to allow for low-load ambient conditions

Why choose Aggreko as your air conditioning system supplier?

Aggreko is a leading global air conditioner company, providing temporary cooling on any scale. But we’re more than an air conditioning system supplier – we’re a team of knowledgeable, trusted experts in the real-world applications of the equipment we provide.

Working closely with you, we’ll design, plan, and deliver a solution that makes sense for your environment, business, and budget. Whether you’re cooling in a critical environment or trying to keep noise and disruption down, we can help.

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