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400 Ton Chiller

Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Industrial Chiller Rentals

400 Ton Chiller - Environmentally friendly Aggreko rental chillers are designed and built for harsh industrial environs. They provide supplemental, temporary or emergency cooling for high-volume applications — such as at refineries or power stations.

Rating 400 ton
Air or Water Cooled Air-Cooled
Min Leaving Fluid Temp (°C) 60
Max Leaving Fluid Temp (°C) -18
Min Flow Rate (lpm) 1817
Max Flow Rate (lpm) 5451
Frequency (Hz) 60 Hz
Length (m) 13.79
Width (m) 2.44
Height (m) 2.44
Gross Weight (kg) 11349.34
Net Weight (kg) 11349.34
Lifting - Forklift Pockets Yes


  • 3 phase and Earth Electrical connections, no neutral cable required
  • Standard camlock fluid fittings and valves on inlet and outlet ports for quick hose connection
  • Designed to "plug and play" with all Aggreko TC ancillary devices (hoses, pumps, manifolds, heat exchangers, buffer tanks, etc.)
  • 480V/3ph/60Hz voltage range
  • Wide operating range, Condenser Fan Guards provide protection against accidental site damage, Full CE Design Compliance
  • Overhead lift with spreader bars and available forklift pockets
  • 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring


  • Fitted with state of the art electronic controllers for accurate and reliable operation
  • Easy to read and adjust, the unit control panel includes inlet and outlet temperatures, system pressure and set point parameter
  • Adaptive Controls maintain very stable temperature control under all system conditions (variances in ambient temperature, flow rate changes, etc.)
  • Proactive monitoring by Aggreko’s Remote Operations Center (ROC) to ensure maximum uptime. Customer monitoring & notifications available through Aggreko’s ARM app and portal.