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700 Ton Cooling Tower

Ideal for Cooling tower replacement and repair

700 Ton Cooling Tower - No matter the size of your cooling requirements, Aggreko Cooling Tower Services has the equipment and expertise to accommodate the cooling demands of any process. Contact us today for more information about our portable cooling tower rentals.

Rating 700 ton
Min Leaving Fluid Temp (°C) 7.22
Max Leaving Fluid Temp (°C) 62.77
Min Flow Rate (lpm) 6814
Max Flow Rate (lpm) 11103
Frequency (Hz) 60 Hz
Length (m) 6.55
Width (m) 3.64
Height (m) 3.05
Gross Weight (kg) 6758.526
Net Weight (kg) 6758.526


  • Single towers ranging from 500 to 2,000 tons.
  • Modular cooling towers.
  • Multi-tower configurations producing capacities of 1,200,000 gpm and above.
  • Capacity can be precisely sized to operational needs.


  • Technical expertise to solve your most complex temperature control challenges.
  • Cooling Towers can be installed quickly to keep you up and running.
  • Perfect for addressing an emergency outage, tower repair and replacement or hurricane planning - especially when downtime must be kept to a minimum.