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RT-1000 Cooling Tower

The RT-1000 cooling tower is an induced draft counterflow cooling tower with a nominal cooling capacity of 800 tons. The air inlet louver section compresses in height for transport on standard single drop trailers and can be easily errected on the job site. Heavy duty, adjustable jacks on each corner make leveling efficient with minimal need for cribbing support. The RT-1000 comes standard with a fouling resistant fill media and low clog water spray nozzels making it well suited for most industrial applications.

Nominal Capacity 800 tons
Nominal Water Flow 2400 GPM
Air Delivery Type Induced Draft
Fan Motor Size 8 x 7.5 HP
Full Load Amps 100 Amps
Volts/Phase/Hz 480/3/60
Fan Speed Control Optional
Inlet Connection Size (hot) 4 x 12" Flange
Outlet Connection Size (cold) 2 x 12" Flange
Make-up water connection 2" FNPT
Height (ft) 10'-3"
Width 11'-11.5"
Length (ft) 21'-6"
Substructure Height 3'-6"
Shipping Weight 14,970 lbs
Operating Weight 26,460 lbs


  • Elevated Cold Water Basin
  • Compressable air inlet section
  • Adjustable leveling Substructure
  • Multiple hot water connection flanges


  • The elevated cold water basin makes draining the cold water long distances wihtou the need for additional pumps
  • Compressible air inlet section reuces shipping height by 3 ft for easy transport
  • The adjustable substructure design makes installation safer and more efficient
  • Multiple options for inlet water connections minimizes external piping requirements