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Rental industrial food grade heat exchangers

Rental food grade heat exchangers for heat recovery air solutions

Aggreko has been active in the food and beverage industry for many years, providing comprehensive support for a vast array of applications and challenges. Today, the need for effective cooling and heating solutions is key – and Aggreko’s unique agility and responsiveness can help you respond to a changing market, new opportunities, and customer demands.

Specialized rental food-grade heat exchangers for operating food production

Now, operational teams in the food industry must balance speed of change, cost, the reliability of production processes, and food quality against each other. From complete temporary heating solutions to food-grade heat exchangers, we’ve been helping food and beverage producers overcome operational challenges, increase production, and succeed for many years.

Process cooling and heating capability

As consumer demand changes and food and beverage producers face new pressures, we’re rising to the challenge. Our investment in food grade heat exchangers are enabling new levels of flexibility – and production – with direct cooling and heating of foods in a way that’s safe and hygienic.

Our food-grade heat exchangers include:

  • An experienced group of process engineers to design and size for your application
  • Certified cleaning completed by a third-party vendor
  • Heat exchangers pressure tested after each use
  • Fast delivery and implementation

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Food-Grade Heat Exchangers to Meet High Safety Requirements

Food grade heat exchanger pressure tests

In any food and beverage heating system, pressure is of critical importance. Any issues in your high-pressure heat exchanger could lead to significant downtime, product contamination, and significant consequences.

Across our 600 ft2 and 1600 ft2 units, we conduct a complete heat exchanger pressure test after every use. So you can maintain the highest levels of safety and compliance and keep production up-and-running.

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