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Large Node Heat Exchangers

Why Aggreko’s NEW Large Node Heat Exchangers?

Our innovative large node heat exchangers have a higher pressure and temperature rating than others, making them suitable for various applications. In addition, we are the only rental company with this type and size of heat exchanger in its fleet.

The addition of stainless-steel cladding on the shell side of the heat exchanger enhances performance in corrosive environments, particularly in low-temperature sour water applications.

Each of these large units is designed to do the job of several smaller ones. So, while they are larger than standard heat exchangers, your overall footprint is reduced as less equipment is needed to achieve the same results. Perfect for petrochemical plants and refineries where space is at a premium.

And, most importantly, our large fleet and extensive coverage, combined with our engineering expertise, mean that we can install them fast to help you avoid drops in production levels.

The right solution at the right time

Our temporary solutions are designed to fill the gap when you need them most, such as:

During planned maintenance of a permanent heat exchanger

Delaying maintenance may be a short-term solution but will lead to more significant problems in the long term. Temporary heat exchangers allow you to carry out maintenance on time and ensure your equipment is continuously operating at maximum efficiency.

While a damaged heat exchanger is being repaired

Repairs or a complete replacement can take considerable time. However, while waiting for a permanent solution, Aggreko can quickly get your production levels back to normal with our reliable, robust, cost-effective temporary heat exchangers.

To cater for seasonal fluctuations in temperature

Why spend CAPEX on extra heat exchangers that only need to be used for a few months each year?

If you have particularly hot or cold periods that require additional heat exchangers, then Aggreko has got you covered for as long as you need. Once temperatures regulate, we’ll take the equipment away. You only pay for it when it’s needed.

Key Benefits:

Largest on the market

Simple design for easy and safe installation

One unit does the job of several smaller heat exchangers, reducing the overall footprint

Built for high temperature and high pressure

Readily available for fast deployment

Supported by expert engineers to ensure business continuity and optimize ROI

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