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Hastelloy- C Crossflow Heat Exchangers

Corrosive resistant, industry leading heat exchanger

When you need high-performance heat transfer in your plant, the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger is the ideal solution.

Compact, robust, and easy to maintain, this heat exchanger is designed to help petrochemical and refinery plants maintain production rates – even during maintenance periods and emergency repairs. So, you can enhance efficiency and reduce costs easily.

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Unique and tailor-made

Made from a unique corrosion-resistant nickel alloy, the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger is designed for applications in petrochemical plants, refineries, and complex chemical contexts. Unlike other heat exchangers on the market, this material allows for higher resistance to a wide range of corrosive chemicals and gasses.

The composition of the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger enables it to meet unique PCR applications beyond the capabilities of typical exchangers.

With the launch of the Hastelloy-C Crossflow Heat Exchanger, Aggreko is the only solutions provider to offer a heat exchanger with this metallurgical composition for PCR customers.

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