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Industrial and commercial heating solutions rental in Canada

We offer modular and temporary heating solutions to suit your business needs

Comfortable employees, faster and efficient processes, and optimized equipment performance – Aggreko’s heating solutions make it possible. From electric heaters to industrial-grade space heaters, we have a wide reach of heating equipment, all designed for reliability.

What our entire fleet has in common is modularity and flexibility. Whether you’re scaling up temperature control on a seasonal basis or looking for faster ways to thaw the ground, we can help design the ideal package for you, anywhere in the world.

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Aggreko’s heating solutions applications

With exceptional mobility and unbeatable reliability, Aggreko’s heating solutions are designed to solve your biggest challenges, wherever and whenever they arise. From construction heaters to event heating, we’ll help you find the right solution.

Why choose Aggreko?

  • Expert guidance from experienced heating engineers
  • Always available, 24/7 support worldwide
  • Guaranteed reliability and efficiency

FAQs about Aggreko’s heating solutions

What is the most efficient industrial heating system?

While there’s no single answer to efficient heating, innovations like repurposing waste heat from processes like energy production are a powerful way to reduce emissions and costs. At Aggreko, we’re constantly investing in more sustainable heating solutions, including more energy efficient fuels.

What are the heating solutions for the industry that Aggreko provides?

Aggreko provides a wide range of heating solutions, from electric heaters to heat exchangers and related equipment. Crucially, Aggreko also provides practical expertise from experienced engineers–so we can proactively recommend the right solution for you.

What type of heat is the most cost-efficient in the industrial setting?

Depending on your industry, there may be big opportunities to reuse and repurpose the heat that your processes create. In any environment, industrial heating can be made more cost efficient by focusing on high-performance, efficient equipment.

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