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930 cfm Air Dryer

Air Dryer Rentals & Compressed Air Equipment

930 cfm Dryer - Dried, filtered, pressurized air can serve many useful functions at manufacturing sites, construction projects or for other industrial applications. Aggreko meets these needs with regenerative desiccant-based rental air dryers.

Rating 930 cfm
Electric 120V/1/60
Min Operating Temp (°C) 4.4
Max Operating Temp (°C) 49
Min Pressure (psig) 80
Max Pressure (psig) 150
Pressure dew point (◦F) -40/-100
Pressure Range Low Pressure
Min-Max Voltage 3 Ph @ 60 Hz 120
Max Air Flow (cfm) 930
Low Ambient No
Length (m) 1.88
Width (m) 2.03
Height (m) 2.24
Gross Weight (kg) 1723.65
Net Weight (kg) 1723.65
Lifting - Forklift Pockets Yes


  • Desiccant-based rental air dryers have capacities up to 5,400cfm with dew points as low as -100°F
  • The units come equipped with mounted particulate and oil-removal prefilters, automatic condensate drains, and an afterfilter that cleans outlet air down to .01 micron
  • *Dewpoint monitoring is available upon request only


  • Aggreko rental air dryers can be matched with rental air compressors and aftercoolers, together or separately, to provide a total solution to your compressed air needs.
  • When used with our oil-free compressors, the dryer will deliver ISO 8573.1: 2010 Class 1,2,0 air or better