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800 cfm Electric Compressor

Rental Oil-Free Electrical Air Compressors

800 cfm Electric Compressor- Aggreko's air compressor rentals are capable of delivering 100% oil-free air at pressures up to 150psig and flowrates between 200 and 800cfm, using either diesel engines or electric motors as the source of compression. Features 24/7 Aggreko remote monitoring (ARM) to ensure maximum uptime.

Rating 800 cfm
Electric 480V/3Ph/60Hz
Package FLA/ Breaker size 253/400
Min-Max Voltage 3 Ph @ 60 Hz 480
Min Operating Temp (°C) -23
Max Operating Temp (°C) 46
Max Pressure (psig) 150
Length (m) 3.73
Width (m) 1.8
Height (m) 2.54
Gross Weight (kg) 4309.13
Net Weight (kg) 4309.13


  • Our electrical air compressor rentals can be provided with aftercoolers to keep discharge temperatures within 15°F of ambient.
  • 24/7 Aggreko Remote Monitoring 


  • Zero emissions.  Aggreko Oil-Free Compressors Deliver ISO 8573 Class 0 Air
  • Noise reduction. Sound attenuating canopies keep noise levels at a minimum.
  • Proactive monitoring by Aggreko’s Remote Operations Center (ROC) to ensure maximum uptime. Customer monitoring & notifications available through Aggreko’s ARM app and portal.