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Power and temperature control for decommissioning projects


How do you keep your decommissioning on track?

Accurate budgeting can be challenging at any stage of a project’s life-cycle, but it’s particularly challenging during the final phase - decommissioning. Numerous unseen variables can quickly impact both your schedule and cost – but working with a dependable partner with a proven track record can help you minimise the risks.

Aggreko can help you establish economies of scale across your decommissioning projects, by running multiple platforms or assets entering decommissioning as coordinated campaigns - rather than one-by-one efforts. And our tailored solutions are designed around your company’s set approach and standards.

We’re a leading provider of decommissioning solutions. With us as your partner you can import our expertise across your portfolio and into new regions via our highly-skilled teams who can leverage their understanding of local markets and operating conditions.

We also offer a fixed cost, turnkey model, which gives you better budget control and avoids project cost creep. We give you the flexibility to adapt to any circumstance over the duration of your decommissioning project – so you can stay on track to deliver your targets.

And that flexibility is of critical importance, when you consider the load demand of your asset is dependent on variables such as

  • Daily decommissioning activities
  • The phase of the decom
  • Multiple vendor and contractor demands
  • Seasonal temperature fluctuations

Having the flexibility to scale up or down to match these changes in power needs – gives you the power to keep costs optimised.

Optimise your costs


Specialist expertise

Our specialist engineers have delivered projects both offshore and in-port. We offer custom-built solutions to meet your needs for each specific rig or project, helping you to:

  • Minimise costs of schedule risk from downtime and delays in planning and delivering your decom projects
  • Minimise your fuels costs – equipment is run as close to optimum load as possible throughout the campaign
  • Only pay for the equipment you need – flexible deployment of power capacity as and when required
  • Synchronise with your existing power source – integrated solution including controls and load sharing
  • World class -A reliable, 24/7 service with fleet spares, and parts inventory in more than 195 sales and service center and 80 countries worldwide

Keep your decom on track

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