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Alkylation Unit Cooling PCR

Alkylation unit cooling

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We understand the importance of an alkylation (alky) unit operation and the enhanced economic value that their effectiveness can deliver upgrading low-value light ends to a high value gasoline blendstock means profit.

The process of blending to create high value alkylates does vary, but all use acid as a cataly product yields and quality are similar but the reactions in the catalyst can be hard to monitor due to exceptionally high temperatures generated.

Removing this heat from the reactions is key to keeping them under control and deliver valuable yields and high alkylate quality. We can aid this fine balancing act by cooling the process reaction temperature or by applying refrigeration to remove the reaction heat.

Taking the heat off…

Aggreko Process Services (APS) can assess reactions taking place and recommended the best cooling solution depending on the catalyst used.

The intervention from Aggreko can see major process benefits including increased throughput, reduced acid consumption (meaning less corrosion and damage) and ultimately a higher alkylate quality.

Ramping up production for demand shouldn’t mean compromise, we will optimize your production to meet increased market demand, understanding that maintenance due to corrosion or compromise in octane quality is not feasible for refiners.

Proven expertise in a field that’s all about reactions, we know yours will be positive.

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