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Flareless decontamination reduces emissions from a refinery

Flareless decontamination reduces emissions

Client: Large Refinery

Location: Gulf Coast, USA

Sectors: Petrochemical and refining

The Challenge

A major refinery preparing for a large turnaround

To satisfy ever-tightening environmental regulations, the site began seeking ways of reducing, even eliminating, flaring during the shutdown process. As part of the safety system, flaring is used to burn off excess gas and is strictly regulated.

During de-pressurization and steam-out of equipment, the flare gas recovery system can become overwhelmed. This not only slows down the process but also causes flaring. The owner approached Aggreko Process Services (APS) with the goal of executing a flareless decontamination.

Key Facts

Emissions reduction 99%
Solution design and execution 6 Weeks
Flareless decontamination reduces emissions from a refinery

The Solution

Solutions to improve operations and address environmental concerns

Together, they set out to design a solution that would (1) work in conjunction with the plant’s existing flare infrastructure, (2) keep the flare system from being overwhelmed, and (3) shorten the turnaround clean-up timeline.

APS provided design details and refinery-grade equipment, including heat exchangers, receivers, pumps, generators and electrical distribution. Site advisory services for the duration of the project were also included.

Local Aggreko technicians assisted with startup and project optimization, as well as conducting training to familiarize the refiner’s operating personnel with the installation design. The end result allowed the owner to perform a near-flareless turnaround.

The engineered temporary solution cooled, condensed and collected the majority of the vapors in the relief system; minimizing the load and resulting in a 99% emissions reduction when compared to the previous FCC shutdowns in the plant.

The Impact

A flareless turnaround

The owner had made a committment to go flareless. With limited internal resources, they needed a partner with strong process knowledge, refinery-grade equipment and full-service expertise to accomplish this challenge. Within six weeks, Aggreko was able to design a comprehensive solution and execute the process using its strong project management and operational expertise, allowing the refinery to meet its goal.

Flareless decontamination reduces emissions from a refinery